Changes to Grits and Sushi Blog

I have enjoyed blogging and getting to know (and sometimes meeting) many readers of this blog.  It has been exciting to swap stories, memories, and/or share interesting thoughts on social and structural change in Okinawa.  Even the debates I had with some readers were deeply meaningful and helped me to shape stronger narratives or consider alternative ones that were more insightful.

As I finished writing my dissertation, posting on this site was difficult.  Now that I finally have that beautiful doctorate in hand, I must dedicate more time to my next big projects.

In the meantime, I have protected most of this blog and made it accessible to only family members for now.  There are multiple reasons for doing so and it may return as a fully public site in the future but for now, it will remain mostly semi-private.

Feel free to contact me through email as usual in the meantime.

Many thanks again for visiting my site and subscribing.  I may continue to post through my Twitter account so please follow me there.


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