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  1. Hi Mitzi,
    I am so glad I found your site. Thank you for creating such a wonderful space. Althougt I am full Okinawan, I am the product of diapora. My grandparents/parents immigrated to Bolivia and later to Argentina where I was born. And eventually moved to So. Ca.

    I fully understand the duality in identities as well the Okinawan/Japanese paradigm. Again, I am so happy that you are working on a documentary and you are telling our stories. As a grad student, I wrote about Okinawan identity in Bolivia and Argentina and as you know written resources were almost non-existant. However, I was fortunate to be able to capture my obaa and other folks oral histories. It is our responsibility to talk and write about our Uchinanchu legacy. Please continue your amazing work. If I can be of any help please feel free to reach out. Best, Natalia

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