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hai tai miami!

April 13, 2013


Soft sand and warm, clear weather.  I can dig this side of Miami

I left Okinawa a few months ago and am now settled in Miami while I finish writing.  It took a bit of transitioning but I’m finally in a bit of a groove here.  I’m finishing up here and and am actually enjoying all this crazy city has to offer, minus the humidity, mosquitos, and lack of […]

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Blog on pause

January 18, 2013


Hiatus image


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Upcoming Lecture at Ryu Dai

December 5, 2012



Upcoming Lecture at Ryu Dai I wish I could see this but I’m not in Okinawa right now.  But Prof. Laura Kina is back in Okinawa and she’s lecturing at Ryu Dai on a very interesting topic– “Mixed Race Asian American Art- Chanpuru Spirit and ‘Hapa’ Identity.”  Check it out.  It’s on Dec. 5th for […]

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Nappy Routes and Tangled Tales II (Dialogue through Questions)

October 5, 2012


Please go to the special event page where you can submit your question and answer via the comments section. You can also submit a question to me on this site.  English or Japanese if ok.

Please join me for the second installment of Nappy Routes and Tangled Tales in Ginowan at Cafe Cotonoha.  It’ll take place at 6:30pm. Please visit the special event page for more information: gritsandsushi.tumblr.com The inspiration One of the problems of communication for people across the fences and especially for mixed people in Okinawa is that there is very little […]

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